A Springtime Fairy Wonderland!

We recently shot our Spring lookbook at the dreamiest, most magical atrium - complete with indoor waterfall! Ott's Exotic Plants was the PERFECT backdrop for our spectacular florals, but we couldn't have created such stunning images without our amazing team - photographer Cassie Panek and HMUA Katherine Violette. It was my first time working with these two as the stylist AND model, but they're both such total pros (and the best hype women around), that I felt comfortable, confident and beautiful. It was the best day and really, the images speak for themselves, don't you think?

polka dot flocked mesh lydia dress  polka dot flocked mesh lydia dressorange sherbet mesh lydia dress

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She is a lovely model!
Also, entry one of those dresses are beautiful. I hope you bring each of them back and container to use your photographer, various locations and models. Plus, bring back each of these dresses!

Taunna Lee Johnson January 24, 2022

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