Miss Amy May stuns in the Rose Cream Aurora dress!

amy may in rose cream aurora dress
We were thrilled to once again collaborate with Miss Amy May! She recently wore our Rose Cream Aurora dress and wrote an absolutely glowing review - with stunning photos, to boot! You can see her full review here, but here's a little snippet:
"The pink rose floral print is just lovely, gentle and sweet without being twee. The pinks range from a blush petal to a deep dusky almost-mauve, framed by the sage and olive toned leaves, all atop a cream background. The fabric is a super soft and slinky lightweight  rayon spandex knit, which offers so much stretch that I can guarantee there is no way it won’t serve you in full comfort through a whole day of wear."
Thank you so much Amy, we can' wait to work with you again!
Team Wax Poetic

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