Founders Johanna and Bryn Stull

Wax Poetic was created in 2014 by Johanna and Bryn Stull, a dynamic duo who share the dream of making beautiful, accessible, vintage-inspired apparel.

The mission has always been to create pieces that make passers-by and friends alike ask, “Is that vintage?” And the answer will be “No, it’s Wax Poetic!”

Being aesthetically pleasing isn’t the only mission – offering silhouettes that are accessible – not only in the sense of differently-abled bodies being able to wear them, but also accessible financially – is a huge part of the mission for the brand.

Each season, fabrics are sourced with two things in mind – most importantly, does it feel nice? (you won’t find any scratchy, stiff fabrics here.) And second, is it beautiful? Over the past few years they’ve been able to expand their range to include in-house created prints that have quickly become sought-after customer favorites!

They are known for their use of brushed knits, which their customers love for the supple, buttery-soft drape and handfeel. Picture yourself wearing pajamas in the office… but it’s NOT pajamas, it’s our Aurora wrap dress. That’s the best feeling! They believe that you should never have to give up comfort to be stylish. The two aren’t mutually exclusive! Also, they try to source fabrics that are deadstock as much as they can – it means being able to manufacture small runs using something special, while also ensuring that those use-up fabrics don’t end up in a landfill. Everybody wins!

All Wax Poetic styles are produced in factories in the USA and overseas that support a living wage. The brand recently started some overseas manufacturing in 2021, due to the desire to make more complicated styles while maintaining fair and accessible price points. By forging relationships with these smaller factories, they have been able to maintain their small production quantities – which also means less clothing and fabric ending up in landfills.

Team Wax Poetic has some amazing things in the works for 2023 and they’re so glad you’re here to witness these ideas come to life!