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About Us

Wax Poetic was launched in 2014 by Johanna and Bryn Stull.
Our mission is to create beautiful dresses and separates that evoke feelings of nostalgia yet have a modern, timeless style. 
All of our dresses and separates are manufactured in ethical facilities that support a living wage. Most of these facilities are in the USA, but we have started the process of working with some overseas factories for more complicated, intricate styles that are unable to be manufactured domestically while still being accessible to our customers. 
We work tirelessly to source the very best fabrics - and you'll believe it first hand when you feel our soft, supple brushed knits and see the vibrance in all of our prints!
By supporting Wax Poetic, you'll not only be supporting a dream, you'll be supporting a woman owned (Johanna) and Veteran owned (Bryn) business! We hope that you love what we've built as much as we do.
Team Wax Poetic