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A size run of S-2XL is the minimum requirement for all orders unless otherwise stated. Certain restocks may require a higher size run minimum. Single size ordering is allowed as long as the size run is met. 

Payment is due in full once order is ready to ship. Invoice will be sent to the email address on file. Payment can be made online. Invoices must be paid within 48 hours of receipt. Select pre-orders may require a 20% deposit. Balance is due once order is ready to ship. Orders will not ship until payment is received in full. 

Please do not use Afterpay unless you have been pre-approved to do so. Please email if you'd like to use Afterpay. Using Afterpay as payment is subject to a processing fee. 

Pre-orders: Approximate pre-order availability is listed on the product description.

Restocks: Approximate restock availability and restock order minimums are listed on the product description

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