This is Halloween!

This is Halloween!

Every year, I tell myself that I'm going to rein it in and not go overboard with the Halloween collection. I come up with a few designs in March/April, feel pretty satisfied and then inevitably somewhere around the end of June I have a panic-induced creative spurt and end up quadrupling the collection.

Soooo.... why should this year be any different?

It seems like we're all looking for little crumbs of serotonin wherever we can find them, so we might as well focus our mental scavenger hunt on all things code orange, right?

Sometimes I like to keep things subtle with our designs. A whisper of "halloween..", if you will. This year I decided that whispering wasn't going to cut it, so it's "HALLOWEEEEEEN!" instead. Orange, Purple, Burgundy and bats, sparkles, spiderwebs, oh my! I think we've covered pretty much all of our bases.

My personal favorite is the Queen of Halloween flocked print that I created - I'm pretty proud of it, and I can't wait to flounce around the house in all of the new dresses, and wrap up in our new kimonos. I'm also obsessed with the brand new Raven silhouette - it's so cute and comfy!

Which piece is your fav? Sound off in the comments!


mina dress in striped mesh



lunar goddess lily dress














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