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Oh, hey! Johanna here! It's our first blog post on our new shiny website, welcome!
We decided to kick off our blog with a bang - and take you through the process of how we created our Magical Webs Sherry dress, from concept to completion.
It all started with an idea. The idea of a beautiful dress with an illustrated border print of webs and flowers, reminiscent of our Trick or Treat tee from last Halloween.
I had created this artwork myself, but time was ticking so I knew we needed a pro to whip something up for us quickly! Kaitlin O'Donnell was an artist that I've worked with before, so I reached out to her about creating this artwork for us and poof! The Magic started. I sent along some VERY rudimentary sketches, but she totally got the idea.
(this was my sketch)
What she came back with is of course what became the basis for the Magical Webs Sherry dress! I was so excited to send this out to the mill to create our very first bespoke print.
The first fabric sample was almost perfect - I needed to make an adjustment on the border width, but at that point it was July, so I was in full blown panic mode. But someway, somehow it all came together in time to bring you the magic that is.. The Magical Webs Sherry dress.
Now, there are several steps between getting our first fabric sample and the final product.
We had to rely on my AMAZING sample makers at Stitch Texas to first, make the sample (they nailed it, as usual). Then, our production team at Cooper Production in Dallas worked tirelessly to make sure production matched the sample and got them to me as fast as they possibly could. There was a lot of back and forth, reworked markers, panicked emails (from me) but in the end, we made it happen and we can't be happier to have our very first custom design on one of our dresses.
(Shout out to Rebekah and Cole for being patient with me and almost literally holding my hand through this process so I didn't have a total meltdown.
You're the real VIP's.)
Hopefully those of you that have received your dresses love them!!! And for those of you that haven't ordered yet, what ya waitin' for?? Click here to find it, Queen of Halloween!
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