Vintage Valentines Mask

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Vintage Valentines Mask


This handmade mask has a 100% cotton outer shell, and a 100% cotton lining. 
It does not come with a filter but you can choose the option for a slit so that you can insert your own filter.

Each mask is handmade to order, your mask might not look exactly like what is pictured in order to get the maximum usage of fabric. 
These are not medical masks but they are suitable for running short errands or taking a walk outside. They can also be worn under PPE to extend use. 
Wash cold, tumble dry low. You can take out the elastic to wash if you need to; use a safety pin to fish it back through the tunnels. The tie goes at the top. You can adjust the fit by tightening the elastic or by moving the elastic position at the back of your head. 

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